Unytalk cloud solutions come in easy to subscribe options. They are quick to setup and offer complete white labeling
Out of box cloud solutions are designed to serve both small group & large crowd use cases

Livetalk serves real time messaging, voice and video presence for user engagement and collaboration in small group use cases.

The solution is suitable for small and medium sized service businesses, and those who wish to experience how simple and reliable real time communications can engage users effectively.

Please visit cloud.unytalk.com for more details and register for a 15 day free trial


Livecast serves live broadcasts to large crowds in interactive and non interactive modes.

The solution is suitable for engaging large audiences across real time learning, presentation or conference talks. The solution has powerful moderation features to help the presenter conduct large events

Livecast can be White labeled to the brand or event in just a few minutes and can serve upto 3000 users in real time interactive mode. An much larger audience is supported in near real time non interactive mode through broadcast links published via Content Delivery Networks

Livecast can be provided as a private cloud / on premise subscription, or as an event based service through a channel of re seller partners who are available for white glove engagements.

Please write to sales@unytalk.com to learn more or request a demo.

3 top benefits of Unytalk cloud solutions are :

Easy setup

It takes not more than 15 minutes for an administrator to brand and launch their interfaces

Simple to use

External users and guests can join a conversation or an event through a single click on an e mail invitation. No more cumbersome downloads


Proven WebRTC based technology allows businesses to provide a relatively higher rate of success in online conversations even in low bandwidth conditions

Unytalk cloud solutions are differentiated from "conferencing" solutions by giving businesses high brand visibility interfaces with low technology barriers to engage their audiences. The Unytalk cloud roadmap will continually bring more workflow based utilities making it an enterprise infrastructure toolset.