Unytalks vision is to enable a conversational user interface infrastructure for enterprises to thrive in the world of instant gratification
What is a conversational user interface?

Conversational user interfaces facilitate users to engage, ask and get real time responses to learn or get something done.

Also referred as CUI, they are purposed to remove the cognitive load on users to interact with system commands using a series of click actions (GUI) or a series of commands (Syntax).

The earlier stages of CUI relied on automated responses to text or voice stimuli. Eg: Chat bots or Interactive Voice Response (IVR). These approaches are however limited in their ability to deliver context based conversational experiences that humans can readily provide.

Real time text, voice and video presence can empower human capital in an enterprise to multiply their presence for engagement and trasacting with users. They reduce friction in user interactions to a great extent.

A users context and interest would determine their need to be able to seamlessly upgrade from real time text to voice to video presence based interactivity with the enterprise. Programmable communication services and WebRTC holds big potential to help enterprises deliver this experience to users whether internal or external.

New age Programmable Communication as a Service (PCaaS) providers are offering scalable infrastructure services across text, voice and video that includes webRTC

Rather than just mimicking human behavior as was the initial goal for conversational UI, this approach holds the potential to leverage human presence as an enterprise resource by greatly magnifying and delivering their presence to engage or transact.

In 2014, Neobric inc started integrating cloud based communication services to deliver scalable and reliable conversational user interface solutions in smaller use cases. Over the years it has invested in building partnerships with some of the best programmable communication service and computing infrastructure providers. It has also invested in building and validating a set of re usable modules along with skilled set of resources

Unytalk Inc was incorporated in June 2018 as a highly focused one stop shop for enterprises looking to leverage programmable cloud communications.

By partnering with Unytalk, businesses, non profits or governments would be able to bring usability, adoption and ROI to their existing enterprise systems and digital presence.

Write to sales@unytalk.com to setup a chat on how we can help.