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Unytalk is a browser-based video-conferencing application that helps you join a call in a jiffy. It works well on all operating systems, modern browsers, and mobile devices. For the optimum user experience and to join a call with less friction it is important that the minimum network and system requirements are met.

The minimum system requirements and compatible operating systems supporting Unytalk are as listed below:

Component Minimum requirement
Desktop or Laptop Operating System Windows 7 or higher, Mac 10.13.6 or higher, Ubuntu 14 or higher, CentOS 7 or higher
Processor and Memory 2 vCPU or higher, 4GB RAM or higher
Audio/Video Built-in/plug-in microphone, speakers and Web-cam

Unytalk is supported by all WebRTC compliant browsers. Below is the list of the same 

  •    Google Chrome V.56 or Higher, 
  •     Mozilla Firefox V.56 or Higher 
  •     Safari – V11 or Higher

Please ensure that the Camera & Microphone settings (Audio/Video) are enabled and allows access to camera & microphone.

  • Network Types – ISP / Mobile /Corporate connection
  • Network Speed – 1Mbps or Higher with a stable connection
  • Firewall – Check your organization’s network security policies or connect with your IT administrator

Yes. It does. The video quality dynamically adjusts based on the internet signal strength of your network connection.

Unytalk supports Safari version V.11 and above for an iOS device.
On Android devices, Unytalk is supported by the latest versions of Google Chrome and Firefox.

The minimum internet requirements on your phone should be a high speed broadband connection or any Mobile Networks that supports 4G/5G.

Yes, you can join Unytalk video conversations on the go from any supported mobile phone. However, you can also be a part of the audio conversation by joining the call from any PSTN  landline.

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