With the uncertainty surrounding everyone across the globe, there is an urgent need to reduce the burden on healthcare providers so that they can focus on caring for critically ill patients. With coronavirus infected patients requiring isolation, it has become a mandate to adopt self-quarantine measures to control the outbreak. Hence, to increase access to patient care and help with infection control and prevention, there is a need to deploy a digital communication platform to connect doctors with remote patients. And teleconsulting is the ideal solution that would help during such a global health crisis. Therefore, a demand for remote consultation through video conferencing and online healthcare services is on the rise. 

To support teleconsulting services, Unytalk has a specific solution for the healthcare industries in Unycare- a cloud-based digital healthcare platform to aid remote patient care and treatment. One other notable point is the potential of teleconsulting for patients who are unable to get to the hospital for their routine healthcare needs. Teleconsulting through Unycare video conferencing offers several benefits over in-person care in the event of a pandemic like this. Let us walk you through a few in this article, 

Unycare’s real-time video communication solution allows doctors to connect with patients who need medical help when they are self-isolated at their homes. During the video call, the doctor can maintain e-medical records and regularly monitor the condition of the patient and provide better care to make sure they recover faster. 

“Connecting doctors with patients at home via desktops, smartphones or tablets”

A patient’s mental health is as important as their physical wellbeing. People who are going through illness and are quarantined require a lot of emotional support as well. Regular real-time video communication with healthcare providers would help isolated patients not feel lonely and keeps them motivated in fighting against the illness. This, in turn, helps build a stronger relationship between doctors and their patients. As a matter of concern, every individual has the right to maintain their privacy. Unycare helps patients and doctors to connect via live private video conferencing which ensures the utmost privacy of the patient’s ongoing treatment. 

At this point, it is also necessary for us to keep in mind that some patients and elders require routine health checkups and they cannot afford to miss it. Unycare addresses this situation too as it is not just limited to real-time video conferencing. It works as a unified digital healthcare platform to enhance any hospital management system. It can be integrated into the existing practice to maintain e-medical records of regular patients. This centralized cloud storage and maintenance of e-medical records save a lot of time, cost and manpower during such crisis. A solution to improve efficiency, simplify workflows, automate repetitive tasks and streamline hospital processes. Unycare helps patients to schedule an appointment with their healthcare practitioners and also gives dynamic information on the doctor’s availability. 

“With Unycare, do not worry about missing a doctor’s appointment even when you fear to go to the hospital in-person.”

Doctors can easily access their regular patient’s e-medical reports during the video conference to provide patient care. In case a patient’s report requires any further diagnosis, the Unycare video conference features a wide range of diagnostic report viewers with video annotation abilities which can improve the discussion between doctors and help provide better treatment care for patients. 

During such emergencies, we have to be responsible for human beings and consider remote consultation if possible and help doctors. 

“Minimize the exposure of healthcare providers to the disease.”

Teleconsulting is a safe way for doctors to treat patients without risking themselves in the process. Medical professionals should also consider making the shift to digital communication during such a health crisis to attend to more patients. Unycare could help transform unsustainable healthcare systems into sustainable ones. To save lives, make this effective digital shift in your hospital by contacting us and provide specialized care for patients in need, without wasting precious time. 

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