Use cases high on user engagement offer imminently positive outcomes from investing in conversational user interfaces
  • Business processes like claim management need to reduce friction during engagement with customers to help improve stickiness and deliver customer satisfaction.

    New product line information dissemination and training require continuous learning in widely spread teams and channels. Virtual and remote instructor led training or leadership broadcasts help teams to disseminate and validate learning continually with a low productive downtime.

  • Scaled and reliable cloud based communication services are now ready to power content production that have messaging, voice and video presence sourced from participants and authors who are widely spread.

    Use cases across production and broadcasting and interactive participation are now enabled through simple to use and powerful browser based user experience designs that is intuitive and have low needs for user training

  • Continuous learning and certification businesses across verticals like Healthcare associations, Trade bodies and academic institutions can now be enabled online through virtual instructor led training.

    Pre event and Post event engagement tools complete a powerful learning experience for participants and utilities complete this solution set.

  • First response consulting, second opinion and continuous follow up use cases are powering distance healthcare solutions. Continuous engagement in online counseling and therapy for mental wellness is empowering individual and group practitioners extend the facility of convenience for their subscribers.

  • Conversational marketing, sales, commerce and support use cases are fast emerging in industry verticals that benefit from empowering their online presence to deliver more than just content.

    Examples are Banking, Legal Services, Accounting, Real Estate, Travel & Hospitality

  • Virtualization of sales, display, demonstration, installation support & feedback engagement can impact metrics across user acquisition & revenue conversions positively. Transforming user experiences to real time engagement & commerce serves a consumer base that subscribes to instant gratification