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Unytalk ALSO OFFERS customizable on premises solutions

Launch your digital startup or enterprise business case in quick time

All-in-one, HIPAA compliant online practice management, teleconsulting & concierge healthcare platform
  • Concierge care interface with secure co pay & self pay collect
  • Multi mode appointment scheduler
  • Light weight non protocol EMR
  • Networked practitioners
  • No download Teleconsult with phone conference support
  • Archives & Export features
  • Common hardware compatible
  • Secure event invite & registration Links
  • Multi audio / video inputs
  • Moderator supported
  • Invite participants to live broadcast
  • Live chat with private breakout areas
  • HD Recording
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Large scale & interactive broadcasting platform for learning, events & media use cases
Enterprise customers
Customers choose Unytalk for its business case analysis, UX design and niche skills in
transforming the Unytalk programmable communications stack into platforms and solutions that are simple to use, scalable and reliable.

Moderated Virtual theater for global participation of remotely interactive users in TED Talks.

Short message based automation for manufacturing downtime alerts & uptime management with a real time metrics dashboard.

Browser based real time chat & video presence based platform for global business consulting.

Browser based real time chat & video presence for virtual sales in retail.

Embedded video presence huddle rooms for members.

Powering a federal program to connect remote schools in rural areas via live video classrooms at district headquarters.

E Mail embedded collaboration forms and workflows for marketing teams to reduce approval timecycles.